Noel Piñeiro

(812) 603-1993

Scott Smith Realty Group / Keller Williams

1644 Fry Road, Suite A Greenwood IN 46142

Born in upstate New York, Noel moved to Indianapolis in 2005 and immediately fell in love with the city. Now, Noel spends most of his time in Greenwood, where his family resides. 

Noel likes to say that he didn't necessarily choose marketing as his field, but that marketing seemed to have found him over the years. Noel's career in marketing can be traced back to 2011, when he managed his brother Liam's surging social media profile on the app Vine. From there, he decided to use these skills to hold many marketing positions at IUPUI, his alma mater, in service organizations, charitable fundraisers, and student development. Noel's biggest accomplishment is the founding and governing of the IUPUI Bepko Learning Center's Marketing Team, where he focused on removing the negative stigma from academic support. Noel used this experience to co-found a business with his brother- Dos Bros. Productions. 

On a typical day, Noel enjoys playing basketball, squading up on Fortnite with his 2 brothers, or enjoying the Indy nightlife (most notably Kilroy's breadsticks). However, Noel's all-time favorite activities are relaxing by the pool with his girlfriend, vacationing to Las Vegas, Carnival cruises, and attending concerts for many of his favorite artists when they come to town.